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Bodywork Direct offer digital / computerised wheel alignment providing the ultimate in accuracy and ensuring your wheels are set exactly to the vehicle manufacturer’s original angles and optimum position.

Problems with wheel alignment are as a result of a variety of issues and, left unchecked, can be pretty costly in the long term. Impact with road debris, hitting a kerb or driving into a pothole can all knock your wheels out of alignment resulting in fast, irregular tyre wear which can affect the handling and even the safety of your vehicle.

Wheel alignment, or “Tracking”, is the process of ensuring your vehicles wheels are set to the manufacturers specified optimum position. Bodywork Direct offer a complete, in house, wheel alignment service, significantly prolonging the life of your tyres, increasing fuel efficiency and saving you potentially pounds at the pump!

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Digital/Computerised Wheel Alignment

Our Digital/computerised wheel alignment provides the highest degree of accuracy and ensures your tyres are set back to the exactly to the vehicle manufacturer’s original angles and the optimum position.

Our digital equipment also features a simple to understand Reception viewing screen, so you can view the pre and post readings according to the manufacturer’s original specifications and see the adjustments made in real time, giving you extra peace of mind.

You will also be able to request before and after print outs of your alignment so you can keep a record of the improvements made.