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There are many reasons to get your air conditioning recharged besides the most obvious one being to keep you and your passengers cool on journeys in hot weather.

Keeping cool isnt just good for you and your passengers, it also benefits your wallet! When your air conditioner refrigerant is low, the air-con system struggles to cool air efficiently and so begins to work harder, consequently using more fuel.

Failing to keep the refridgerant topped up can also lead to more costly repairs down the road as it also serves to keep the air con compressor cool. A lack of refrigerant can contribute to the compressor failing due to overheating.

Air conditioning even has its uses on cold winter days. As well as it helping demist your windows, it also enures effective working of the system when the outside temperature starts to get nice and warm again.

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Air Conditioning

How does your air con work?

Inside the air conditioning system is a compressor which contains a refrigerant – this is the gas which needs refilling regularly. When the air conditioning system is switched on, the gas travels to a condenser. Fresh air from outside the vehicle passes over the condenser and the temperature of the gas drops quickly and causes the refrigerant to liquefy.

Now in liquid form, a drier removes impurities before reaching a thermal expansion valve which essentially allows the driver to control the temperature in the car by limiting the liquid flow.

Lastly the liquid is turned into vapour as it travels through evaporation coils and is then blown into the cabin as cool air. Meanwhile, the refrigerant, now back in gas form, returns to the compressor to start the process all over again.

Unpleasant smell coming from your Vents?

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Common Air Con Questions

Is air con part of my MOT or Service?

No. Air Con is considered a luxury and not essential to the “safe to drive” running of the vehicle.

Why does air con stop working?

Most common reason is due to the Refrigerant running low. The gas permeates through the system over time gradually lowering the level.

Why does my air con smell?

If you have an unpleasant odour in the vehicle, your system could benefit from a debug service. The system evaporator provides an ideal environment for the build up of Bacteria and Fungi. Speak to us about an optional debug service for your air con.

How do you recharge the air con unit?

Recharging the air con system involves removing all of the existing refrigerant and any traces of moisture from the system and replacing with fresh refrigerant.

How long does a recharge take?

The process take about 45 minutes to completely remove the old gas and refill with fresh refrigerant. At Bodywork Direct, you can have your air con recharged while you wait and take advantage of our free wifi and hot drinks.

How often should you recharge?

Opinion varies but most vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation is every two years.